Digital Environmental Campaign

Agency: Fin London

In 2017 I shot an environmental awareness campaign film highlighting the effects of global warming, non-sustainable travel, over-tourism and the impact of these issues on poorer global communities.

The film was to be shown at a global conference on a custom built 27 metre screen as well as being broadcast in standard HD by regional broadcasters around the globe, with BBC Worldwide picking up the mantle for the UK and Europe. This multi media and channel approach meant the production had the challenge of meeting advanced technical criteria, with a delivery spec at full 8k as well as a narrow aspect ratio. 

After a short testing period and edit trials, we decided to use the new Red Epic Helium which was able to shoot 8k at 60fps. Shooting with a ratio of 6.91:1 all footage was captured using an Arri Master Prime 14mm to get ultra-wide to minimise distortion in images at full 8K.